OnePlus Nord 2 Devices – OxygenOS 2

Oneplus has just launched the all new Oneplus Nord 2 in India from Thursday, right after the successful launch of its first smartphone in the country, the Oneplus 3T. With the huge success of the original Oneplus models, the company is gearing up for another great success with the brand new Oneplus Nord 2. The smartphone comes loaded with many features like multiple applications and games, high resolution camera, advanced gesture recognition, fast web browsing and a lot more. The price of the device is yet to be decided but is expected to be in the range of $400 and above. This is obviously an extremely aggressive price but the device is packed with all that one can expect from a smartphone in terms of features.

The innovative feature in the Oneplus 2 is the oneplus nord 2 dual-core processor which allows it to run two tasks at a time. You can browse through your email in one place while watching your videos on the web at the same time. Oneplus has also launched the new OxygenOS 3.5 mobile operating system with the Oneplus Nordic 2 which gives you quick and smooth performance. The dual-core processor helps in this regard, since your device can perform both tasks simultaneously.

One amazing attribute of the Oneplus Nordic 2 is the high definition camera that comes in a very sleek body. It is almost identical to the iPhone and makes using the camera easier than before. Oneplus has also launched the Oneplus series phones in India with all latest features and the most advanced technology such as the USB 2.0, fast charging, 5.apk screen, multi-tasking support, OBB cloud storage etc.

The Oneplus series has received great response in the mobile market with the brand being one of the leading brands in the segment. The Oneplus brand offers high quality phones that are durable and offer excellent value for money. The Oneplus nord series has received much response with the introduction of the stylish looking phones in the range.

The exciting feature in the Oneplus devices is the two cameras on the device. You can take photos both with the optical zoom and digital zoom on the camera. The built in image stabilization ensures that the pictures come out clear and free from blurring. You can click several shots and after choosing the best one, you can simply share them on social networking sites or send them to your friends. You can also use the built in video recorder for shooting your precious moments.

The power of the connectivity offered by the Oneplus devices is immense, you can connect to the internet using the Bluetooth in the camera or connect to the USB cable for further uploading of images. Apart from this, you can also upload pictures on to the social networking sites like Facebook and share it with your loved ones easily. The camera also enables you to shoot videos of yourself doing various activities and can be uploaded in your personal page to let others see. The user interface of the Oneplus 2 is extremely simple and is easy to work with. You can perform a variety of functions with ease and the navigation available is excellent.