How I Became a Prepper: A Personal Story

I never thought I’d be the kind of person who prepared for near worst case scenarios. I’m a rational person – I don’t believe that doomsday scenarios are likely, nor am I a believer of conspiracy theories. However, I never thought I’d see the things I’ve seen in the last few years which has seriously affected my perspective on truth, global risks and the stability of society. Like many I’ve seen the effects of the pandemic first hand. I’ve seen the social and political unrest, including riots, and I’ve become increasingly aware of the instability of our global monetary system and our food supply chain. I’ve seen the way our world is changing, and I’m not sure it’s for the better. So I started preparing. I started stockpiling food and supplies and learning new skills. Then I joined a community of like-minded people which indicated that I’m not the only one.  There is a general sense that prepping is growing in the UK, and it is likely to escalate in the future as the cracks continue to show.

Why I Became a Prepper

Preppers are often portrayed as paranoid people who live in bunkers in the desert. But that’s not the case at all! Preppers are simply people who are attempting to be prepared for any kind of situation. You might be a prepper if you have extra food or water stored for emergencies, you have a first aid kit at home, or you have an emergency kit in your car. Preppers are usually more aware of the what’s going on externally, are more vigilant and monitor potential threats and growing risks – and then ensure that they adapt their plans to help mitigate these issues.

The Preparations I’ve Made

If you think you’re going to need to survive a situation like economic collapse, though, what would you do?  As a prepper, I have already established a lot of key supplies and skills that can help me and my family survive in any situation. We have a diesel generator, water filters and have purchased a small holding with woodland and river access. We’ve built up long life food supplies to last us a number of months and we have begun growing our own food.  I’ve also had first aid training and continue to learn skills that will enable me to be less reliant in the event of a collapse of infrastructure.  I’ve diversified my portfolio to ensure I cover key bases including investing in precious metals, energy stocks and land.  I’ve also ensured that my hand to hand combat and hunting skills are adequate to help protect my family if society completely destabilises.

Why More and More People Are Becoming Preppers

The world is changing. We’re seeing more and more signs that the world is heading towards some form of event. There are signs of climate change: rising sea levels, more and more extreme weather, the ice caps melting. There are signs of economic collapse: people are struggling to pay off debt, the stock market is extremely unstable, there has been a huge increase in money supply resulting in dangerous levels of inflation and there are massive amounts of government debt. There are signs of political unrest: protests are growing in frequency and magnitude, hate crimes are increasing, and there is a significant rise in political extremism. There are signs of impending societal collapse as increasing division is stoked through media partisanship and toxic social media.  At least if you’re a prepper, you’ll be a little bit more prepared for any sudden shocks and instability that might arise.

How You Can Prepare, Too

If you want to prepare, you don’t have to buy a bunch of equipment or join a prepper community. You can simply start with the things you do every day. So, if you have extra food and water stored for emergencies, keep doing that. For UK preppers wanting to create a long lasting supply of prepper foods there are a number of great online retailers you can use, such as Food Bunker. There are many small things you can do that build up your resilience as an individual or household, that means you’ll be far better placed if disaster strikes, and potentially able to support your family, friends and community.